Turn: Washington’s Spies – The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Edition

turn the complete first seasonIt seems like the spy business is very much in the conscious collective of television watchers today. A lot of shows like Homeland and The Blacklist have delved into this world and television watchers have been rewarding them with high viewership. Spies are a trend and television will keep riding that horse until it croaks.


This time we go back in history to the time of the American Revolution. The United States is fighting for independence from the British. General George Washington (played by Ian Kahn), the head of the Continental Army, recruits an unlikely group of men to spy on the British and to work under the name The Culper Ring. New York farmer Abe Woodhull (played by Jamie Bell) and a group of his friends are recruited. Though he is reluctant Abe soon becomes an important man. Unlikely or not, these group of men end up being key figures in the United States’ fight for freedom.


Pay close attention to the music in this series as it is done by some of the most talented people working today like Gary Lightbody (from Snow Patrol), Matt Berninger (from The National), Joy Williams (from Civil Wars), Laura Marling, Jake Bugg, and Andrew Bird.


Episode 1: Pilot: The Revolutionary War is on the cusp of happening. Not so successful farmer from Long Island Abe Woodhall is recruited to spy on the British by the American Army.


Episode 2: Who By Fire: Anna (played by Heather Lind) is being framed for the murder of a Royal Officer. Ben (played by Seth Numrich) and Caleb (played by Daniel Henshall) brutally interrogate Lieutenant John Simcoe (played by Samuel Roukin).


Episode 3: Of Cabbages and Kings: Ben is on the run from the British after being backstabbed by his own militia. Abe travels with Judge Richard Woodhull (played by Kevin McNally) to New York to do some spying.


Episode 4: Eternity How Long: Ben and Caleb try to figure out how to get their intelligence to General Washington. The British order Abe and Richard to dig up some graves.


Episode 5: Epiphany: It is the Christmas season and Caleb and Ben are following some mysterious orders. The Continental Army is moving into enemy territory.


Episode 6: Mr. Culpeper: Abe is traveling to New York when he is ambushed by a patriot at his wits end. General Washington asks Ben to head the United States first spy ring.


Episode 7: Mercy Moment Murder Measure: Abe takes a big risk in order to protect Anna. Robert Rogers (played by Angus Macfadyen) voyages to a prisoner ship looking for a mysterious man.


Episode 8: Challenge: Though Abe has forbidden it Anna undertakes some spying of her own. British master spy Major John Andre (played by JJ Field) hosts an exclusive gentleman’s party.


Episode 9: Against Thy Neighbor: General Washington gives Ben a secret mission. Simcoe is looking for rebel conspirators in Setauket.


Episode 10: The Battle of Setauket: Mary (played by Meegan Warner) struggles with the knowledge that Abe is a spy. In order to save the Patriot families, Ben and Caleb direct a raid on Setauket.


Special Features: The History of Turn: Washington’s Spies, From Art to Image, Deleted Scenes, Digital Copy


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