Pennywise Is Not Pound Foolish

2008 Vans Warped Tour - Englishtown, New JerseyHermosa Beach in California was the point of origin for the punk rock band Pennywise. Around since 1988 they are veterans of the scene and have released one live album, eleven full-length albums, a DVD, and two EP. These busy boys have had one release about every two years. They released their 11th album called Yesterdays in 2014.

Like most rock bands, Pennywise has seen their share of hard times. Original bassist Jason Thirsk committed suicide in 1996 and original lead singer Jim Lindberg left the band in 2009. Lindberg was replaced by former Ignite frontman Zoli Teglas. Unlike many punk bands, Pennywise has steadfastly refused to go more mainstream and have declined offers to sign with big labels.

They have played thousands of show around the world and toured with the likes of The Offspring, Sum 41, Guttermouth, Bowling for Soup, and Circle Jerks.

This general admission show is for all ages.

Additional Information:

-Date: March 22, 2015

-Venue:  Metropolis
-Ticket Purchase:
-Ticket Price: $25.00 (plus handling charges)
-Show Time: 7:00 p.m. (Doors @ 5:30 p.m.)
-Opening Acts: Anti-Flag, A Wilhelm Scream, Punchline 13

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