Fences – Lesser Oceans

fences lesser oceansFences hails from Seattle, Washington and is an indie rock quartet made up of lead singer and guitarist Christopher Mansfield, guitarist Benjamin Greenspan, vocalist and bassist Lindsey Starr and drummer Elliott Garm Chaffee. Christopher Mansfield has become known due to his musical association with rapper Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  They even recorded a single entitled “Arrows” together previous to the release of Fences’ second album.  This has led to Lesser Oceans being highly anticipated. They released their self-titled debut in 2010 and it has taken five years for their sophomore effort to come about.  Powerful emotions are to be found in abundance on many of the tracks. Through the lyrics and Mansfield’s voice they are aptly and poignantly conveyed. Most of the subjects delved into are dark and depressive.  Surprising because much of the music is rather poppy and upbeat.  An interesting combination of uptempo music with depressive lyrics. Best songs on the album include “Songs About Angels”, “My Mountain is Cold” and “The Lake”.

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