The Legend of Korra – Book Four: Balance – Blu-ray Edition

the legend of korra book four balanceIn this animated world the Avatar is the savior of the Earth Kingdom. It is only the Avatar who can unite the four elements – air, fire, water and earth. The latest Avatar’s name is Korra (voiced by Janet Varney) and she is about to undergo her most treacherous time yet. At the beginning of this book Korra is a changed young woman who has undergone much and is not sure she will ever be able to undertake the duties of being the Avatar again.  She has withdrawn from everything. Only to resurface when the power hungry Kuvira (voiced by Zelda Williams) takes over and the Avatar is needed to set things right. As this is the last season you know you are in for a momentous climax.


Episode 1: After All These Years: Three years have gone by since Zaheer poisoned Korra. As she has withdrawn to heal the rest of Team Avatar has begun to pick up the pieces of their lives.


Episode 2: Korra Alone: The metal poison is still having its effects on Korra. Tenzin (voiced by J.K. Simmons) realizes that Korra has gone missing.


Episode 3: The Coronation: Kuvira puts a damper on Prince Wu’s (voiced by Sunil Malhotra) big day. Korra thinks she has finally figured out the way to feel like her old self.


Episode 4: The Calling: Tenzin sends Jinora (voiced by Kiernan Shipka), Ikki (voiced by Darcy Rose Byrnes) and Meelo (voiced by Logan Wells) off on a hunt for Korra. Toph (voiced by Philece Sampler) attempts to teach Korra to let go of the past.


Episode 5: Enemy at the Gates: Zaofu is under threat from Kuvira. A conflict between Beifong (voiced by Anne Heche) and Kuvira has Bolin (voiced by P.J. Byrne) caught in the crossfire.


Episode 6: Battle Zaofu: Korra is once again the Avatar. The question is if she is truly ready.


Episode 7: Reunion: Korra is back in Republic City only to find out that Prince Wu is missing. Team Avatar sets out to find him.


Episode 8: Remembrances: Wu is in exile with Mako’s family. Mako (voiced by David Faustino) tells the story of how he met Korra.


Episode 9: Beyond the Wilds: Republic City is under attack by the Spirit Vines. Korra has to try and stop them from abducting citizens.


Episode 10: Operation Beifong: Opal (voiced by Alyson Stoner), Lin (voiced by Mindy Sterling) and Bolin attempt to save the Beifongs from Kuvira. Korra goes to the Spirit World looking for help.


Episode 11: Kuvira’s Gambit: Korra and Team Avatar make an attempt to stop Kuvira from attacking Republic City. Kuvira has a new weapon that is going to make it difficult.


Episode 12: Day of the Colossus: The streets of Republic City is the site of a battle between Kuvira and Team Avatar. Prince Wu and Pema (voiced by Maria Bamford) attempt to evacuate the city’s citizens.


Episode 13: The Last Stand: Korra goes head to head with Kuvira. The fate of the Earth Kingdom and Korra’s life hang in the balance.


Special Features: Kuvira vs. Prince Wu, Republic City Hustle: Part 1, Republic City Hustle: Part 2, Republic City Hustle: Part 3, Legend of Korra: 2014 Comic-Con Panel Featurette, The Legend of Puppetbender Presents “The Making of a Legend: The Untold Story – Part II”

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