Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

alabama shakes sound and colorWith their first album Alabama Shakes became a favourite of cool younger music fans. Their blending of rock and roll with Southern soul hit a chord – the right one. It was the kind of music that kids could listen to with their parents and grandparents. A true family affair. The underground guitar band made enough of an impression that they began to play large festivals and move plenty of records. This kind of success places a lot of pressure on a smaller band in regards to recording their follow-up album. Instead of going more mainstream with their rock sound they decided to go even edgier and more underground. They are making the type of music their heart compels them to rather than their wallets. The result of this might be even bigger music sales as the music buying public usually responds positively to honesty. A crowd pleaser, it is an album of filled with muddy sounds, reverb and sexy songs. Great roots styled rock music. The guitars are still there though they are more in the background this time around. That does not mean they are not great, though. Singer Brittany Howard vocals are of that old school R&B style an suits these songs perfectly. Just her voice on the song “Gimme All Your Love” alone is worth the price of admission. The great songs continue with tracks like “Don’t Wanna Fight” and “Gemini”.

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