Zac Brown Band – Jeckyll & Hyde

zac brown band jekyll and hydeFusing of country, rock and jam band has meant a very successful career for the Zac Brown Band. Though they are considered a country act the band is as crossover as crossover can be. Okay, not as crossover as Taylor Swift, but that is a whole other discussion. Zac Brown Band is comfortable being many things for many different types of music fans and they are good at it. Jeckyll & Hyde is their fourth album and sees them continuing along that same path. On it you get a little bit of seventies Philly soul, gospel, Celtic, metal, jazz and reggae. In other words this is like a United Colors of Benetton album. Most of the musical colours of the rainbow. There are few bands that can record good music in such a variety of different genres. And yet there is something that rings hollo about Jeckyll & Hyde. The problem I have with it is that it is all too familiar; it seems like just a redux of what they have done in the past. Still there about ten of the sixteen tracks that are very listenable. “Homegrown” is one of the best songs they have ever recorded.

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