Faith No More – Sol Invictus

faith no more sol invictusWhen Faith No More called it quits in the late nineties they were like the lone wolf left standing in the alt-metal forest. Now alt-rock and indie rock are back en vogue so it makes sense that these hard rockers are back for another kick at the can. With their first record since eighteen years ago or more commonly known as 1997, Faith No More brings us an album filled with music that makes it seem like they never stopped. It is the same sound you would expect from them but with fresher more modern twists. You get some great vocals from frontman Mike Patton on “Rise of the Fall”, progressive style keyboards on “Matador” and plenty of great guitar work on “Cone of Shame”. Sol Invictus has a stripped down and rather straight forward feel it while still being loud and leaving you feeling pummeled after listening to it. What I mean is there is nothing fancy production-wise (maybe because the band produced the album themselves) just the lyrics and musicianship themselves being put up front and centre. Fans will be happy that their beloved band did not go dance or hip hop on their comeback rather stayed the hard rock course making this a welcome return. A strong comeback record.

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