Paul Weller – Saturn’s Pattern

paul weller saturns patternBack in the day, Paul Weller was part of British rock band the Jam. In other words, he is a big part of the music history of that country. This is his twelfth solo album and he demonstrates over the course of its nine songs that he is no way near finished pushing the boundaries. Several parts of several songs will be familiar to long-term fans of the man and his music as they have that typical Weller sound to them. While others like “These City Streets” are very modern and fresh. There are loads of moments that you feel have to have been influenced by drugs meaning they are way out there while others are just going off on tangents. To an untrained or unfamiliar Paul Weller fan this might sound like a panning of the material on Saturn’s Pattern. On the contrary, this is a reassurance that the man with the weathered voice still does not believe in kowtowing to the masses. He is different and makes no apologies for it. There is plenty of soul searching in this mélange of soul, funk and hard rock. Highly imaginative and will captivate upon your first listen.

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