Jamie Foxx – Hollywood: A Story of A Dozen Roses

jamie foxx hollywoodA mixture of dance tracks and romantic ballads is what greets the listener of this Jamie Foxx’s fifth album. Plenty of his smooth side that he uses to his advantage on screen is on display here and that is not a bad thing. Also, he uses his acting chops to his advantage in that he sells every song. Makes you feel like everything he is singing about is legit and something he has gone through. What I also enjoyed about the album is its variety. There is something for everyone and every moment. From a sexy bedroom tune like “You Changed Me” featuring Chris Brown to a fast paced one that you can dance or will energize you while you clean the house like “Tease”, it is all there. It is a mature and sexy album that also has its share of dark moments. Just be warned that there is plenty of bad language to be found here. Overall, surprisingly, I have to say he is a better than I thought he would be R&B singer.

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