Jason Derulo – Everything Is

jason derulo everything isLast time round Jason Derulo gave his fans a less than adequate effort. This time it seems like he was trying to make up for that mess. To try to please the music listening and buying folks he tries a little bit of everything. Trying his hand with a handful of different genres Derulo even goes so far as mixing things up within the same song. On “Broke” he is joined by Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban. What ensues is combination of Southern hip hop and good ole boy music. It is chaos with all the banjos, hand clapping and harmonica playing. For much of the rest he brings us some prototypical Derulo music. The type you would expect from him. A kind of cross-genre artist that rarely exists today. Everything Is has everything. R&B, hip hop, soul and pop. All kinds of stuff that does not require him to be the greatest singer because he is not. That does not even matter much. He just adds to his vocals by using plenty of Auto-Tune. Like his music, Derulo does not make much of an impression. Doesn’t need to as he is the type of artist that just takes on whatever is needed by the songs he records. All he does is makes good decisions. With nothing remarkable about him Jason Derulo has forged a career that many are envious of.

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