Muse – Drones

muse dronesAn elevated level of zeal and a stringent set of standards are what rock band Muse has built their career upon. The British trio brings to the music world a brand of progressive power rock that has proved palatable to many a fan. After a slight deviation they are back to what they do best. The songs on Drone all attempt to drive home the assertion that we the people are the problem with today’s world. Not crooked politicians, weaponry or even drones. We have to be the difference if we want change. In the hands and vocal chords of lead singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy you have someone who is a mix of Freddy Mercury and Bono delivering that strong message. For the first part of the album the imagery is all about a man going off to war while the final couple of songs is about him returning exhausted and with the fight taken out of him. Does that mean that Muse does not think this is a war we are going to or are capable of winning? Sigh! Whatever they believe what they are attempting to do is warn us of the impending danger. The gloom and doom of the songs is presented in a pseudo Depeche Mode way with all kinds of fuzziness and pulverizing drumming. Eighties influences are abound. It is good to hear this band return back to the reason we liked them in the first place.

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