The Newsroom: The Complete Third Season – Blu-ray Edition

the newsroom the complete third seasonAaron Sorkin, the man behind this series as well as The West Wing and Sports Night, is a rather divisive guy. People tend to either love him or hate him. He and his shows can come off as indifferent, pompous and wordy. Those are exactly the reasons that this show is good and highly watchable. Now, stay with me as I explain how that is possible. The award-winning HBO series is filled with eloquent speeches and wordy diatribes. You will on one hand be turned off by his while on the other being moved by them because you know that the characters uttering them really mean them. They are trying to do the news well as opposed to being slaves to ratings and social media. Old fashioned journalists in this digital world. The fight is an interesting watch. With crap news outlets like Fox News out there it is refreshing to watch people who just want to give us just the facts, ma’am.

The third and final season of The Newsroom begins five months after the end of season two. The news team of ACN is in the fight of their lives and control of the shows that are their lives. At the same time Mac (played by Emily Mortimer) and Will (played by Jeff Daniels) are trying to plan their wedding and renovate their apartment while the team is trying to deal with Neal’s (played by Dev Patel) involvement with a whistle blower. Let the subpoenas and hostile takeovers begin. All the while they try to just do good news shows. It is hard to attempt to be honest in this world.

Episode 1: Boston: Will, Mac and the rest of the team hit the ground running when a bombing happens during the Boston Marathon. Neal is contacted by an anonymous source who has in their possession some stolen government documents.

Episode 2: Run: Will steps in to protect Neal. Reese (played by Chris Messina) goes up against his half-siblings in a hostile takeover.

Episode 3: Main Justice: Sloan (played by Olivia Munn) and Don (played by Thomas Sadoski) try to keep their relationship a secret from Human Resources. The Correspondents’ Dinner proves to be very interesting for Will.

Episode 4: Contempt: Will is charged with contempt as he won’t give up the source’s name. Sloan and Mac do their best to stop Lucas Pruit (played by B.J. Novak) from acquiring ACN.

Episode 5: Oh Shenandoah: Charlie (played by Sam Waterson) gives in to Pruit’s vision for ACN. Sloan and Don battle against Pruit and the way he wants to run the news station.

Episode 6: What Kind of Day Has It Been: A death forces Will and Mac to think about their future and past. Sloan and Don tell their version of Charlie’s death to Will.

Special Features: Inside the Episodes

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