Strike Back: Season Three – Blu-ray Edition

strike back season 3The stories from this action/thriller series could be ripped from today’s headlines they feel that fresh. On missions that take them around the world the series focuses on two anti-terrorist agents who work way under the radar covertly as part of an organization known as Section 20. One is an American Delta Forces agent who was discharged on the eve of the Iraq invasion while the other is a British sergeant. Action comes fast and furious in the series in an intense and heart pounding way. This is as close as you are going to get on television to what big screen movies produce in the way of explosions, tension, thrills, and scale.

Episode 1: Episode 21: After being called back to duty while on vacation, Scott (played by Sullivan Stapleton) and Stonebridge (played by Philip Winchester) are hunting down a terrorist in Columbia. This terrorist has killed a member of Section 20 in Beirut.

Episode 2: Episode 22: The Section 20 team seems to be out of options as they are being pursued by the cartel in Bogota. Dalton (played by Rhona Mitra) is looking for the source who leaked information in Beirut.

Episode 3: Episode 23: Major Dalton is waging a battle against her own demons. As she seems to lose the battle Lieutenant Colonel Philip Locke (played by Robson Green) takes over command.

Episode 4: Episode 24: Section 20 is going all out for a new ally by attempting a dangerous rescue of his daughter. Dalton seems to have lost her mind and goes AWOL with a detainee.

Episode 5: Episode 25: Stonebridge and Scott travel to Ireland to deal with an IRA terrorist (played by Catherine Walker) responsible for several executions. Locke captures her but she escapes during a bloody shootout at the airport.

Episode 6: Episode 26: Stonebridge’s performance in the field is compromised by a health problem. Locke cannot decide whether to devote resources to the mission or saving one of his own.

Episode 7: Episode 27: Kamali (played by Zubin Varla) is worried that his cover identity has been compromised. Stonebridge’s health continues to worsen.

Episode 8: Episode 28: Most of Section 20 is racing to locate Stonebridge. Scott is looking for a way out of the Russian prison he is in.

Episode 9: Episode 29: Scott and Stonebridge try to stop Kamali’s daughter from being taken hostage. Questioning by Martinez (played by Milauna Jackson) and Richmond (played by Michelle Lukes) of a suspect might result in a lead to an associate of the terrorist they are pursuing.

Episode 10: Episode 30: An entire city becomes infected with a virus. Locke makes a deal with Arkady (played by Marcel Iures) to get the antidote.

Special Features: How to Strike Back Featurettes – How to Act in Shit, How to Get Beat to Hell in Columbia, How to Drive Through a Minefield, How to Have Fun in a Drug Den, How to Fight Naked While on Fire, How to Dangle From a Helicopter, How to Get Your Boss Kidnapped, How to Interrogate While Driving, How to Get Yourself Arrested, Digital Copy

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