Lamb of God – VII: Sturm Und Drang

lamb of god strumThis band has been rocked to the core recently and that has produced their best album since forming. Lead singer Randy Blythe was accused of killing a Czech fan. He was found not guilty and the band produced VII: Sturm Und Drang. With a newfound appreciation for life and liberty the band has it with even more energy. The drums are still pounding and guitars are still up front and centre but something has changed – for the better. They are moving, however, beyond what they were in the past. They have lost some of the focus on groove while going for more power and speed. The metal band with their seventh album is coming into their own and figuring out who they want to be in this music world. It is also nice to less marketing and more music that is informed by the artist’s life experiences. You get some insight to how Blythe was feeling during his incarceration in Prague in songs like “512”. With songs like this one and others like “Erase This” and “Embers” there is an almost eerie feeling. It lends itself to a darker atmosphere on most of the album. A connection to the people behind the music is important to some music fans and Lamb of God demonstrates themselves open to that. Guest appearances by members of the bands Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan appear on different tracks.

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