Person of Interest: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray Edition

person of interest the complete fourth seasonThis is a kind of rag tag group that ends up working intricate and dangerous cases. Rogue agent Samantha Shaw (played by Sarah Shahi) teams up with a tech wizard Finch (played by Michael Emerson), homicide detective Fusco (played by Kevin Chapman), hacker Root (played by Amy Acker), and ex-CIA operative Reese (played by Jim Caviezel) in order save lives and solve crimes. In season three the team was tested by the loss of someone important to them and now they are being pulled apart. Will they survive this test?

Episode 1: Panopticon: A several months of nothing Reese and Sam get a new number from the Machine. Finch ignores the call.

Episode 2: Nautilus: Reese brings in Finch in an attempt to protect a new Number. It is a math student who seems to have themself involved in something more serious than a scavenger hunt.

Episode 3: Wingman: Fusco goes undercover as a needy client. Root brings Flinch on a hunt for the Machine.

Episode 4: Brotherhood: Reese finds out that two young kids in foster care are the next targets and so he has to find them quickly. The DEA is also interested in the case as it involves drugs so they collaborate.

Episode 5: Prophets: It is off to counselling for his violent ways for Reese. Because of his absence Finch gives the next Number to Shaw.

Episode 6: Pretenders: Reese tries to keep someone posing as a detective from being killed. Finch travels to a conference in Hong Kong.

Episode 7: Honor Among Thieves: Finch and Root are tangled up in a treacherous sabotage mission. Shaw using her street cover goes undercover in a gang who are planning a jewel heist.

Episode 8: Point of Origin: Reese goes undercover as a New York police academy instructor and is to keep his eye on a young officer. The Samaritan has given Martine (played by Cara Buono) some information which has her after a team member.

Episode 9: The Devil You Know: Reese attempts to save Elias (played by Enrico Colantoni) from the Brotherhood. Root is bringing Shaw underground as her cover has been blown.

Episode 10: The Cold War: Samaritan shows its capabilities when it takes control of New York for forty eight hours. It is trying to get Machine out of hiding.

Episode 11: If-Then-Else: The stock exchange comes under attack from Samaritan. The team has to go on a dangerous mission to stop a global economic disaster.

Episode 12: Control-Alt-Delete: The return of Control results in a questioning of Samaritan’s ways. A couple of vigilantes begin terrorizing the Northeast.

Episode 13: M.I.A.: Root and Reese are in a small town in upstate New York looking for Shaw. Fusco and a previous person of interest team up.

Episode 14: Guilty: Finch is part of a jury on a murder trial. While going to see a therapist Reese begins to open up.

Episode 15: Q & A: A young computer hacker that Finch had protected in the past reaches out to him. Reese has problems trying to protect a programmer because he is not sure where the threat is coming from.

Episode 16: Blunt: Finch and Reese are curious when their next Number seems to be an average college student. Turns out she is involved in drug dealing.

Episode 17: Karma: Flashbacks show us why Finch is in a delicate mental state. Also indicates that Finch could once again trust the Machine.

Episode 18: Skip: Reese has to try and protect the life of a bounty hunter who doesn’t want any help. The plan started in Shanghai is set in motion by Finch.

Episode 19: Search and Destroy: Reese and Finch race to save a software CEO after an attack by a hacker. Job is made tough by the CEO’s unpredictable behaviour.

Episode 20: Terra Incognita: Reese looks to solve a cold case that Carter couldn’t in order to pay tribute to her. During the case the thought of Carter is never far from Reese’s mind.

Episode 21: Asylum: A war between Elias and Dominic (played by Winston Duke) traps Reese and Fusco in the middle. Finch and Root track a clue to try and locate Shaw.

Episode 22: YHWH: Finch and Root attempt to save the Machine. Machine is in danger as Samaritan has located it.

Special Features: Person of Interest: The Future of A.I., Saying Goodbye to a Friend, Bear on Set: A Day in the Life of Baker the Dog, 2013 Comic Con Panel, Digital Comic Based on Each Episode, Gag Reel, Digital Copy

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