Lianne La Havas – Blood

lianne la havas bloodFor her sophomore album Brit Lianne La Havas is evolving from an alt-folk artist to more of a soul act a la Marvin Gaye or at times, Aretha Franklin of the seventies. This makes sense when you know that she spent a considerable amount of time with Prince making his last album. Not a bad person to have some of his talent and influence rub off on you. The songs here are smooth and soothing for the most part. You do get some of the spare folky stuff like on her debut album like “Wonderful” and “Ghost”, so she hasn’t completely abandoned that sound. What I do love is that the songs are very personal with plenty of insight into who she is and what she feels. The lyrics are rather simple but the emotions or ideas they convey are intricate. Her most formidable weapon is that voice. One moment it is a whisper then the next it is belting a lyric out with huge power. Magical! Each of the ten tracks on the album is strong and they all work together as a solid unit. Be as brave and open minded as she is and follow her growth as an artist. You won’t regret it.

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