Suits: Season Four

suits season fourYes, this is another legal drama with fantastically dressed people, the office oddball, lots of personal problems, and cases that are never lost. Seems like the last thing needed on television with that description. And yet Suits works and is a worthy watch. This season we deal with Mike (played by Patrick J. Adams) having left Pearson Specter to work in for an investment firm. His secret seems to be safe but will he be happy? The change also means that Mike and Harvey (played by Gabriel Macht) will be on opposite side on occasion. A takeover battle begins and gets ugly quickly. The SEC is also breathing down the necks of Pearson Specter and Jessica (played by Gina Torres), Harvey and Louis (played by Rick Hoffman) have to figure a way out of it. Never a dull moment at this legal firm. And did I already mention that everyone dresses fantastically?


Episode 1: One-Two-Three Go…: Mike and Harvey have some getting used to their new working situations. A former district attourney is not letting go of his vendetta against Pearson Specter.


Episode 2: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: Mike and Harvey go up against one another in a takeover battle. Louis is not happy about having to work under recent senior partner hire, Jeff Malone (played by D.B. Woodside), on the SEC case.


Episode 3: Two in the Knees: Big Pearson Specter client Logan Sanders (played by Brendan Hines) forces Harvey to prove that going up against Mike won’t hinder him. Louis tries to mend fences with Jeff.


Episode 4: Leveraged: Mike decides on going the route of a hostile takeover of Gillis Industries. Harvey and Louis up their game to make sure they will win.


Episode 5: Pound of Flesh: Rachel (played by Meghan Markle) finds herself being drawn toward former lover and present client, Logan Sanders. Louis helps Donna (played by Sarah Rafferty) prepare for a role while she helps him face an old fear.


Episode 6: Litt the Hell Up: Logan is brought in for questioning by the SEC making Harvey very nervous. Louis sees an opportunity to make his mark as Mike is still going for things full throttle.


Episode 7: We’re Done: After being burnt during the Gillis Industries takeover, Mike makes a decision about him and Rachel. Jessica, in recognition of what he did for the firm, allows Louis to name his own reward.


Episode 8: Exposure: Mike returns to work at Pearson Specter. Louis tries his best to cover up what he did in order to make his name.


Episode 9: Gone: Sean Cahill (played by Neal McDonagh) rains down depositions at Pearson Specter. Secrets of both the professional and personal nature are exposed.


Episode 10: This Is Rome: Harvey and Jessica have to protect the firm from an outsider trying to steal clients. Louis is battling to get his life in order.


Episode 11: Enough is Enough: Jessica has to surrender to Louis after he finds out Mike’s secret. Louis turns his anger towards Mike and tries everything he can to make him quit.


Episode 12: Respect: Harvard ethics professor Henry Gerard (played by Stephen Macht) comes to Harvey looking to hire him as his lawyer. Mike is put on the spot with Gerard, a professor whose class he never took but says he did, always around.


Episode 13: Fork in the Road: Harvey takes Mike and Louis on a drive to meet with an out of town client using the time in the car to broker peace between the two. The close quarter forces a confrontation between Louis and Mike.


Episode 14: Derailed: Mike lobbies Harvey to undertake a humanitarian case which might affect business. Jeff uses the receptionists to irritate Louis.


Episode 15: Intent: Harvey and Mike have to move quickly to save their case after opposing counsel brings in new evidence. Donna now faces going to prison for what she did for the case.


Episode 16: Not Just a Pretty Face: Harvey has to deal with his uncomfortable past with Charles Forstman (played by Eric Roberts) after Sean Cahill fails to make a link. Louis’ secretary dies and Donna finds herself having to make a tough decision.


Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Previews of Satisfaction, Covert Affairs, Psych, In Plain Sight, Bates Motel, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gag Reel, Suit Recruits: The Paper Trail

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