Dig: Season One – Blu-ray Edition

dig season oneFrom the producers of series like Homeland and Heroes comes this new one called Dig. If you are looking for a lot of action and multiple storylines running concurrently then settle in for Dig. At times it is a little too frenetic and clever for its own good but for the most party this armageddon set series does fit the bill.


FBI Special Agent Peter Connelly (played by Jason Isaacs) is your prototypical broken man after suffering loss of his daughter. He is on assignment in Jerusalem away from his wife and is sleeping with colleague Lynn Monahan (played by Anne Heche). While on the job he catches a glimpse of a redheaded woman (played by Alison Sudol) who is working as an archaeologist and looking for the Ark of the Covenant. Soon after her body is discovered and it is obvious she was murdered. Peter is now entangled in the bubbling under the surface biblical armageddon.


Episode 1: Pilot: FBI Special Agent Peter Connelly is investigating the death of an American in Jerusalem. It soon turns into an international mystery.


Episode 2: Catch You Later: Peter is chasing after Yussef Khalid (played by Omar Metwally) at the same time he is looking for the murderer. He teams up with, albeit uneasily, with Detective Golan Cohan (played by Ori Pfeffer) on the murder investigation.


Episode 3: Meet the Rosenbergs: Avram (played by Guy Selenik) continues his travels to Jerusalem. Peter’s clues of where Yussef is leads to a dead end.


Episode 4: Prayer of David: Avram and Red, who are being monitored, arrive in Croatia. Peter thinks he knows what Rabbi Lev (played by Shmil Ben Ari) and his group are going to do next.


Episode 5: Emma Wilson’s Father: To solve the mystery, Peter begins looking into Emma’s past. Someone from Debbie’s (played by Lauren Ambrose) past tries to save her.


Episode 6: The Well of Souls: Cohen makes an arrest in Emma’s murder. Avram and Red are kidnapped while in Croatia.


Episode 7: Trust No One: Lynn finds out that Peter is still in Jerusalem. A VHS tape answers some questions and asks just as many.


Episode 8: Sisters of Dinah: Lynn believes there is a mole at the consulate. Debbie returns to the compound looking for revenge.


Episode 9: Jehoshaphat: Avram does what he can to protect his asset. Peter aligns himself with some unlikely people.


Episode 10: Armageddon Protocol: Lynn, who finds herself trapped, does what she believes is best. Peter has to race to stop the Order of Moriah from destroying the Temple Mount which will bring on the End of Days.


Special Features: Pilot – International Version, Deleted Scenes, Dig: Unearthing the Mystery

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