Luke Bryan – Kill the Lights

luke bryan kill the lightsOne of the biggest names in country music today is Luke Bryan. He has built a career on making hook laden songs and projecting that “I would be a fun buddy” image. That wheel has not been reinvented on his latest, Kill the Lights. He is still a blues jeans and baseball cap cutie that has been packing stadiums around the United States for years. This is an artist that seems all laid back but he knows what the public wants from him and wisely provides it. Bryan knows that a large portion of his fan base is female so he targets them on the three opening songs of the album. “Strip it Down” is sexy, “Love It Gone” has a great hook and “Kick the Dust Up” will have you line dancing like a maniac. Expect more ballads that are plenty o’fromage. Even those won’t annoy you too much because how could you not like this guy who is providing country music fans with more have a good time songs?

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