Walt Disney Animation Studio Short Films Collection – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

walt disney short films collectionWalt Disney from the beginning of its existence has been known as a studio that produces high quality animated films – short and feature length. It has been that way for generations. This collection is filled with short films some of which are award winners. As a warning, though, some of these shorts have already been released as extras on other blu-ray releases.


John Henry: A musical based on the classic tale of John Henry. John tries to prove man’s dominance over machine in his building a railroad tunnel by hand against a power drill.


Lorenzo: A scorned black cat gets back at Lorenzo who is obsessed with his tail. His tail turns on him making him want to get rid of his once beloved appendage.


The Little Matchgirl: Based on the Hans Christian Anderson tale dating back to 1845. A little Russian girl is trying to stay warm with her last remaining matches and remembering her beloved grandmother.


How to Hook Up Your Home Theater: Goofy buys a new home theatre. Trying to set it up his living room becomes a tangle of wires, cables and manuals.


Tick Tock Tale: As the owner of a clock shop leaves each night the clocks come to life. It is all good until a thief breaks in.


Prep & Landing – Operation: Secret Santa: Two elves named Wayne and Lanny are sent off on a special assignment. They are to retrieve a box stored in Santa’s private office.


The Ballad of Nessie: Nessie is a shy creature who is upset when she loses her rubber duckie.


Tangled Ever After: Ring bearers Maximus and Pascal have lost the rings for Rapunzel and Flynn. They have to find them before the vows are over.


Paperman: An accountant finds himself separated from the woman he loves. A fleet of paper airplanes set out to help him find her again.


Get a Horse!: A funny tale starring Mickey, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and their animated friends. The fourth wall is cleverly broken.


Feast: A dog gets plenty of human food from his master. This stops when the master gets married and his wife does not believe the dog should get the treats.


Frozen Fever: Elsa has a bad cold at the same time she working hard to plan a birthday party for Anna.


Special Features: Digital Copy, Disney Animation: The Short Story About Shorts, Introductions by the Filmmakers,

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