Once Upon a Time: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray Edition

once upon a time the complete fourth seasonThe power of magic and love are two of the most potent forces. When you have a show that combines the two you know you have something to watch that won’t be a chore to watch. Throw in the classic battle between good and evil and you got more fun that a barrel of monkeys. All those characters you loved or were afraid of as a child from fairy tales and some new ones thrown in for good measure. Alternate realities. Mystery. Chills. True love. Consequences. Obsession. Twist of fate. Will there be a happy ending? Stay tuned.


Episode 1: A Tale of Two Sisters: Elsa (played by Georgina Haig) goes around Storybrooke and by accident summons a snowman to protect her. Regina (played by Lana Parrilla) comes up with a way for her to finally have a happy ending.


Episode 2: White Out: Elsa puts someone in danger when her powers get out of control again. Regina goes into seclusion.


Episode 3: Rocky Road: Elsa is the prime suspect when people are being frozen. The Snow Queen is actually behind it.


Episode 4: The Apprentice: Emma (played by Jennifer Morrison) asks Hook (played by Colin O’Donoghue) out on a date. Will (played by Michael Socha) breaks into the Storybrooke Library to get a special book.


Episode 5: Breaking Glass: Emma tries to renew her friendship with Regina. David (played by Josh Dallas) and Mary Margaret (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) go on their first date since the birth of the baby.


Episode 6: Family Business: Belle (played by Emilie de Ravin) tries to locate the Snow Queen (played by Elizabeth Mitchell). She wants the townspeople to find out why she wiped out Emma’s memories.


Episode 7: The Snow Queen: Emma captures and interrogates the Snow Queen. Henry (played by Jared Gilmore) continues on with his undercover mission.


Episode 8: Smash the Mirror, Part 1: Emma is seeking out Gold (played by Robert Carlyle) to help her remove her powers. Robin asks Will to help her ensure a happy ending for herself.


Episode 9: Smash the Mirror, Part 2: Gold is going to double cross Emma. Robin (played by Sean Maguire) finds something that might ensure Robin’s happy ending.


Episode 10: Fall: The townspeople ready themselves for the Snow Queen’s spell. Elsa tries to find her sister.


Episode 11: Shattered Sight: Emma and Elsa do their best to defeat the Snow Queen. Will is prepared to settle his debt with Hook.


Episode 12: Heroes and Villains: The Snow Queen’s spell is broken. Elsa and the rest realize they need to find another way back to Arendelle.


Episode 13: Darkness on the Edge of Town: Gold and Ursula (played by Merrin Dungey) bring Cruella (played by Victoria Smurfit) over to their side. The residents of Storybrooke try to get back to living normal lives.


Episode 14: Unforgiven: Emma looks into Cruella and Ursula. As David and Mary Margaret seem fearful of Cruella and Ursula Emma thinks they are hiding something from her.


Episode 15: Enter the Dragon: Hook asks a favour of Belle. In the past, Maleficent (played by Kristen Bauer) and Regina become friends.


Episode 16: Poor Unfortunate Soul: We learn of Hook and Ursula’s complicated past. Regina struggles to keep her secret from Gold, Cruella and Maleficent.


Episode 17:Best Laid Plans: In order to steal something Maleficent puts Storybrooke under a sleeping curse. Mary Margaret and David struggle with their guilt over something they did to protect their unborn child.


Episode 18: Heart of Gold: Regina worries about Robin’s safety. We learn of what happened when he previously left Storybrooke.


Episode 19: Sympathy for De Vil: Regina plans to travel to New York to rescue Robin. This is put on hold when Cruella kidnaps Henry.


Episode 20: Lily: Emma is going to try to attempt to rescue Robin. Also she realizes that Lily (played by Agnes Bruckner) is Maleficent’s daughter.


Episode 21: Mother: Emma brings Maleficent and Lily back together. Zelena’s (played by Rebecca Mader) pregnancy sends Regina and Robin reeling.


Episode 22: Operation Mongoose, Part 1: Gold and The Author forge a partnership. Hook and Regina do their best to stop them.


Episode 23: Operation Mongoose, Part 2: Gold and The Author are still working together. Henry makes a move to save his family.


Special Features: Defrosting Frozen, Behind the Magic Tour, Three Who Stayed, The Fairest Bloopers of Them All, Deleted Scenes



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