Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem – Blu-ray Edition

batman unlimited monster mayhemIf you are a true fan of Batman or animated superhero films then something like a Batman series should have you frothing at the mouth. I am here to tell you to tone down your anticipatory glands as this series never does live up to the expectations we have for a Batman series. On the other more positive hands, the young people that watch this animated film won’t give a hoot what the older people think as they will enjoy it unabashedly. That plus the audio visual aspect of this film make it a somewhat entertaining watch.


Expect the typical good vs. evil with so many characters it will make your head spin. Plus a lot of action. What is a little different is the amount of humour and quips to be found. Everything is done rather tongue in cheek and they are not pretending otherwise. Though most of the jokes or attempts at them will only make the under ten audience laugh. Batman’s sidekicks seem to just be there as comedic foils and bad guys are not scary in the least. For the junior audience members this will be money and time well spent.


It is Halloween night and in Gotham City some villains have naturally decided to use it as an occasion to cause some trouble. The side of good seems even more in trouble as the Joker (voiced by Troy Baker) has assembled a new villainous crew and they are also in the mood for mayhem.


Poor old Batman (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) is going to have his hands full as the lone beacon of good to wage battle against all the baddies. He has to stop the bad guys before they release a computer virus called “digital laughter” that will cause beaucoups de problems throughout the city’s technology. Realizing their good friend might be in over his superhero head Green Arrow (voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos), Cyborg (voiced by Khary Payton), Red Robin (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) and Nightwing (voiced by Will Friedel) jump in to help.


Special Features: Gotham of Tomorrow: Designing a Future World, DC Nation Shorts, Mayhem of the Music Meister

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