Public Enemy – Man Plans God Laughs

public enemy god plansMaybe more than ever Public Enemy’s action provoking rap message is needed. They have always been saying that black lives matter. Despite the fact that this is their thirteenth album they have never gone out of style or really had to change up what they do. Meaning their message is timeless. Just listen to them going after folks on the track “Honky Talk Rules” for not having changed much in regards to race relations over the several decades they have been a band. They do not settle as most rap acts do to rapping about women, drugs and bling. Public Enemy’s lyrics usually focus on issues like police brutality, racism, poverty or social activism. Chuck D, who is now in his fifties, has always been a master lyricist. Never afraid to challenge or go against the flow. What is a little different here is the music they surround their words with. Man Plans God Laughs has a more digital or electronic sound to it. Very modern. Some of it could even be described as minimalistic or spare with just a little drum machine happening. Though there are tracks like “Praise the Loud” which are just that – much more crunchy and bringing da noise. This might be a little off putting for some of their longtime fans but it is important to keep renewing your fanbase with younger generations.

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