The Seventh Dwarf 3D – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

the seventh dwarfMixing up a bunch of fairy tales in one television show (Once Upon a Time, Penny Dreadful) or film (Into the Woods) has been fashionable of late.  Now we get an animated version of it.  The Seventh Dwarf is a mix of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.


Princess Rose (Peyton List) has fallen for the kitchen boy, Jack. Jack is the youngest worker in the kitchen and certainly not of the social standing to be with the princess, but young love is young love.  He also doesn’t know that at birth the evil witch placed a curse on Princess Rose that when she was eighteen she would get pricked in the finger and cause the entire kingdom to fall into a one hundred year sleep. By accident he causes her to prick her finger and fall under a sleeping spell. He is then kidnapped by the evil Dellamorta (Nina Hagen). Now it is up to the rest of the dwarves to save him and allow Jack, her true love, to awaken the princess and save the entire kingdom.


As you might suspect this is really aimed at younger viewers.  There is no violence to speak of and even the dragon (Norm MacDonald) is not too scary.  The songs are fun, easy to sing and catchy.  Plus the lyrics are uplifting.  The animation is done in a classic style with the 3D being a cool little trick.  Everything looks bright and colourful.  As far as the messages go they are your  typical like believe in yourself and don’t judge people before you get to know them.  Perfect for six and under while older kids might get bored.

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