LEGO DC Super Heroes: Justice League – Attack of the Legion of Doom

lego attack of the legion of doomThe Justice League has just been formed comprised of superheroes like Wonder Woman (voiced by Grey Griffin), Superman (voiced by Nolan North), Batman (voiced by Troy Baker), Green Lantern (voiced by Josh Keaton) and The Flash (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) and their duty is largely to keep the city of Metropolis safe. Residents are happy but it does make one man unhappy and that man is super criminal Lex Luthor (voiced by John DiMaggio). To get the one up on this powerful group of superheroes Luthor calls upon his criminal friends like Black Manta (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) and Sinestro (voiced by Mark Hamill) to form his own super villain group called The Legion of Doom.


Up to no good as usual these villains concoct a plan that involves an attack on Area 52, a top secret government site. Banded together the villains are stronger than ever before and the superheroes have their hands full.  They superhero group is having its own internal problems as they can’t agree upon who to elect as the leader of the group and a new member is causing some conflict. Will this finally mean a victory for Lex Luthor? Will Metropolis fall under the control of The Legion of Doom or will The Justice League be able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat?


Lego and superheroes. Could there be a more popular twosome for kids? While parents might have some trouble keeping their interest up with this animated direct to video feature length film the under ten population will be clamouring for more.


A big pull is that the superheroes are up against a group of worthy adversaries.  All the big guns of the baddie world are here.


Special Features: Digital Copy, Clip, Zap, Boom!: Creating the Sound Design, Limited Edition Exclusive Trickster Lego Minifigure

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