Lake Placid vs Anaconda: Unrated

lake placid vs anacondaThe female president of a research company is going to use a combination of giant crocodile DNA and giant anaconda DNA to fabricate something that will allow humans not to age. Sound silly? You ain’t heard nothing yet.

This is the premise behind the fifth Lake Placid installment. You know you are scraping the bottom of your film series barrel when you have to combine it with another film series (I’m looking at you Aliens vs. Predator). It usually means that the minds behind the series have run out of ideas and are desperate. Screenwriter Berkeley Anderson (Jarhead 2: Field of Fire) and director A.B. Stone (first film) have allowed this B movie to go completely off the rails. And this is saying something for a film series that never was of Shakespearean quality to begin with.

The unholy union of the crocodiles (Lake Placid) and snakes (Anaconda) brings about a film that seems to know it is bad and celebrates that. There is no way that anyone involved in this film thought at any point that they were making something of quality. Not possible. It is in these moments that you do get some enjoyment out of the film. It is that bad that at rare moments it is funny – in a this is a disaster kind of way. Lake Placid vs Anaconda features horrible acting, cheesy dialogue and a silly story. The triumvirate of how to make a bad film.

If you are deciding to watch something called Lake Placid vs Anaconda then you know what you are getting yourself into before you even begin. You are not expecting quality in any respect. It never takes itself seriously and as such opens up a sliver of possible enjoyment.  Careful, though, as that sliver could get under your skin and become a painful splinter.

Special Features:
-Previews of Grizzly Maze, Air, Insidious: Chapter 3, No Way Jose, Broken Horses

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