Halsey – Badlands

halsey badlandsSometimes music has the ability to make me feel my age…or old. This is the reaction I had listening to twenty-year-old Halsey’s debut album. Obviously she comes from the same vein as and has been influenced by the music of Lorde, Katy Perry and Rihanna in that it is very imagery heavy and comes at you all herky jerky in spurts. She also references Biggie and Nirvana in her songs. The young New Yorker certainly is cool. As for the lyrics even in the songs that don’t work as well (of which there are few) she paints a picture with her words. Forcing you to feel the music and acknowledge that there is a mature young lady behind the words. One moment she can be sexy with the next she is a total waif. At the age where she is exploring the world and figuring out what’s what. If you purchase the vinyl version of the album you get a couple of extra tracks including a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Walk the Line”.

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