Travis Scott – Rodeo

travis scott rodeoPunk rock and rap seems like a perfect mélange of music genres. Rarely done and done well even less, twenty-three-year-old Houstonian Travis Scott is now making his entrance to that sub genre on his debut album, Rodeo. He brings the pain with his rapping style which is more screaming than anything else. Meaning he sounds like he would fit right in as the lead singer for the Dead Kennedys or Black Flag. More proof that he is going to be different from your typical rap act is the hodge podge of guests on his album. It starts off with a straight up pop guy like Justin Bieber, who is a little out of his element rapping on “Maria I’m Drunk”, on the same track as rapper Young Thug. Then on a Pharell produced track, “Flying High”, chillwave practitioner Toro Y Moi shows up. Interesting picks and unpredictable, which I like. Unlike other albums in which guests are brought on that add nothing these people do something positive to every track they appear on. This is really driven home on the songs in which Travis Scott is alone. There it seems like something is missing and Scott struggles to leave an impression. The results are mixed but with enough good stuff to keep me interested in this guy’s music in the future. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

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