Van Morrison & the Cityfolk Festival…what a wonderful celebration

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A couple of weeks after Van Morrison’s 70th birthday celebration “The Belfast Cowboy” brought the house down. Morrison’s performances are works of art, displaying different tonal colors, arrangements and songs, every night and Van the Man shakes rattles and rolls like a finely crafted machine. Who cares if the fan interaction is lacking, he belts out about 20 songs within any given night, moving swiftly between songs. Dressed in a dark suit and sporting a hat and dark shades, the man behind the mike elects to let the music speak for himself, rarely giving interviews and shying away from photographers. The fact is that Van Morrison is a living musical legend along the lines of Mozart and Ludwig Van Beethoven.



Last night’s concert at The Great Lawn at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa was packed with fans crammed into the CityFolk’s magnificent new confines. Yes the beer lines were a bit lengthier than usual and it took a while to leave the venue and some spots may have been slightly obstructed, but I didn’t hear anyone complain after or during the concert. Last night’s concert here in Ottawa and tonight’s show in Toronto mark the only two concerts Morrison will play in Canada this year. I noticed license plates from all over the States and Canada. Last night’s concert was a pilgrimage of love for the countless fans this musical legend has accumulated over the years.

I was happy to make the drive in from Montreal to Ottawa; the concert was incredible, one of the best Van Morrison concerts I have ever witnessed. There must be something about Ottawa that brings out the best in Van Morrison’s musical arsenal. I had a great time and can’t wait for an opportunity to do it all over again.



Behold the setlist below:

Celtic Swing
Close Enough for Jazz
Whenever God Shines His Light
Days Like This
Higher Ground
Baby Please Don’t Go / Parchment Farm / Don’t Start Crying Now
Carrying a Torch
Real Real Gone
Wild Night
I Can’t Stop Loving You
Precious Time
Cleaning Windows
Jackie Wilson Said (I’m in Heaven When You Smile)
Brown Eyed Girl
Think Twice Before You Go
In the Garden

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