Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season Two

brooklyn nine nine season twoA cop show that takes crime a lot less serious than most. Brooklyn Nine Nine stars plenty of comedy talent and one newcomer to the genre. The off the wall comedy stylings of the show will wear you down with its joke upon joke upon physical humour bits. Jokes come at you fast and furious rarely slowing down. Television does not have many comedies at this time but one this zany makes up for the lack. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud at least once per episode.

Episode 1: Undercover: Jake (played by Andy Samberg) is back working at the Nine-Nine. The return is short as he is required to go back undercover as a criminal got away.

Episode 2: Chocolate Milk: Terry (played by Terry Crews) finally accepts that he and Jake are just work friends. Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch (played by Kyra Sedgwick), who has been Captain Holt’s (played by Andre Braugher) mortal enemy for years, arrives at the Nine-Nine for an inspection.

Episode 3: The Jimmy Jab Games: Jake makes a deal with Rosa (played by Stephanie Beatriz) that if he wins a precinct-based silly police competition he gets the phone number of one of her friends. Terry and Holt are named co-heads of a drug task force.

Episode 4: Halloween II: The Peralta/Holt annual Halloween bet is underway. This year Jake bets the captain that he can steal his watch right from his wrist before midnight.

Episode 5: The Mole: The precinct has a mole. It is up to Jake and Holt to figure out who it is before Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch finds out about it.

Episode 6: Jake and Sophia: Jake meets a woman at a bar then finds out after he sleeps with her that she is a defense attourney. Even worse she is defending the perp that he is trying to put in jail.

Episode 7: Lockdown: The precinct is put under a lockdown on Thanksgiving night. Jake is in charge and things get crazy.

Episode 8: USPIS: Jake and Charles (played by Joe Lo Truglio) are trying to catch a drug dealer. They are forced to work with the lead investigator of the U.S. Postal Services, Jack Danger (played by Ed Helms).

Episode 9: The Road Trip: To add some romance to a work assignment Jake invites his girlfriend Sophia (played by Eva Longoria) on an overnight stay at a B&B. To help out Amy (played by Melissa Fumero) he also invites along her boyfriend Teddy (played by Kyle Kornheimer) not knowing that Amy wants to break up with him.

Episode 10: Pontiac Bandit Returns: Jake finally catches his nemesis The Pontiac Bandit (played by Craig Robinson). Rosa uncovers that the criminal knows where to find the leader of the a drug ring so Holt offers The Pontiac Bandit a plea deal in exchange for him helping the locate the drug ringleader.

Episode 11: Stakeout: While on a lengthy stakeout the Jake-Charles friendship starts breaking apart at the seams. Rosa is attracted to Holt’s nephew, Marcus (played by Nick Cannon).

Episode 12: Beach House: The team is looking forward to spending the weekend at Charles’ beach house. Jake lessens the enthusiasm when he invites Captain Holt.

Episode 13: Payback: The entire squad decides it is time for Jake to pay them back the money he has borrowed. Amy finally fulfills her dream of partnering up with Holt.

Episode 14: Defense Rests: Sophia’s job comes between her and Jake. Jake decides to make things better by becoming friends with her boss, Geoffry Hoytsman (played by Chris Parnell).

Episode 15: Windbreaker City: Jake’s heart is broken after Sophia breaks up with him. The squad is invited to partake in a Homeland Security Terrorist Training Simulation.

Episode 16: The Wednesday Incident: Jake notices that Holt has been acting crabby for no reason lately. He works together with Gina (played by Chelsea Peretti) and Holt’s husband Kevin (played by Marc Evan Jackson) to uncover why.

Episode 17: Boyle-Linetti Wedding: The day of Gina and Charles’ parents’ wedding is upon us. Gina gives each member of the squad a duty to make the day perfect.

Episode 18: Captain Peralta: Jake’s father Roger (played by Bradley Whitford), who has been absent most of Jake’s life, is coming into town for a visit. Charles is suspicious about Roger’s intentions.

Episode 19: Sabotage: Jake is in the midst of a streak of really bad luck. He thinks he is being set up by an enemy.

Episode 20: AC/DC: Jakes hurts himself on the job. Terry forces Jake to take some time off to heal and it becomes clear that he is awful at not working.

Episode 21: Det. Dave Majors: Jake is thrilled to be working a case with the NYPD’s number one detective, Detective Dave Majors (played by Garret Dillahunt). The excitement ends when he finds out that Majors is going to ask Amy out after the case is closed.

Episode 22: The Chopper: Deputy Chief Wuntch assigns a high profile murder/bank robbery case to Jake making Holt very nervous. Holt figures she is setting them up to fail.

Episode 23: Johnny and Dora: Jake and Amy work an undercover case together involving an identity thief. While working the case they become quite close.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes

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