Grimm: Season Four – Blu-ray Edition

grimm season fourA detective in Portland, Oregon discovers that he is a descendent of Grimms, hunters who battle supernatural creatures. Though Nick Burkhardt (played by David Giuntoli), as a homicide detective, has seen some strange and gruesome things nothing ranks even close to the strange creatures he begins seeing around town while he is working.  At first he believes that he may be losing his mind and then he finds out the truth about his true nature. All around him normal people seem to be able to transform into horrible creatures. Because he is a Grimm he can see them while everyone else cannot. His only living relative, his aunt, arrives to tell him about his ability and heritage. Nick now not only solves crimes but takes care of creatures he though only existed in fairy tales.


Episode 1: Thanks for the Memories: Everyone who knows about them tries everything they can think of to get Nick’s powers back. Captain Renard (played by Sasha Roiz) is in hospital in critical condition.


Episode 2: Octopus Head: Captain Renard’s mother arrives at the hospital in an effort to save his life. Nick and Adlind (played by Claire Coffee) seem to share a psychic connection.


Episode 3: Last Fight: It seems like the changes to Nick’s powers go deeper than previously thought. Elizabeth (played by Louise Lomband), Rosalee (played by Bree Turner) and Monroe (played by Silas Weir Mitchell) look for a cure.


Episode 4: Dyin’ On a Prayer: Elizabeth manages to recreate one of Adalind’s spells minus one important ingredient. Wu (played by Reggie Lee) becomes more curious about Trubel’s (played by Jacqueline Toboni) continued presence.


Episode 5: Cry Luison: Juliette and Nick debate whether it would be worth it to get his powers back. Rosalee and Monroe are in danger.


Episode 6: Highway of Tears: Wesen purists are a growing threat to Rosalee and Monroe. Nick and Juliette (played by Bitsie Tulloch) have to decide if a normal life is what they really want.


Episode 7: The Grimm Who Stole Christmas: Monroe has a surprise Christmas present for Rosalee. Trubel comes to a decision that will affect many.


Episode 8: Chupacabra: A traveler arrives in Portland not realizing that he has brought with him a blood-sucking creature. Rosalee and Monroe are getting ready to leave on their honeymoon.


Episode 9: Wesenrein: The Wesenrein act on their threats towards Rosalee and Monroe’s marriage. Juliette tries to deal with her new reality.


Episode 10: Tribunal: The Wesenrein kidnaps Monroe. Nick gathers everyone to try and find him.


Episode 11: Death Do Us Part: Captain Renard seeks the help of a mysterious woman. Rosalee and Monroe finally go off on their honeymoon.


Episode 12: Maréchausée: Nick and Hank are investigating murders and the clues point to the Wesen Council. The Council has sent a bounty hunter to Portland to kill lawbreakers.


Episode 13: Trial by Fire: Adalind is desperate to find her child and so puts pressure on Juliette. A Wesen is responsible for the death of two kids at a store.


Episode 14: Bad Luck: Rosalee and Monroe go undercover to help out Nick and Hank (played by Russell Hornsby) on their latest case. Nick turns to a woman named Henrietta (played by Garcelle Beauvais).


Episode 15: Double Date: Captain Renard turns to Rosalee and Monroe when he experiences phantom bleeding. Juliette comes to a decision that could have an effect on her relationship with Nick.


Episode 16: Heartbreaker: Captain Renard and Adalind discover that the Royals are doubling their efforts to locate their child. Juliette is not sure if she should embrace the changes she has undergone or fight them.


Episode 17: Hibernaculum: Nick and Hank’s latest case involves a Wesen that leaves people frozen. Juliette wants revenge.


Episode 18: Mishipeshu: Juliette gets herself arrested on purpose. Rosalee, Monroe and Captain Renard seek a cure for her.


Episode 19: Iron Hans: Juliette is bailed out of jail by someone unexpected. Adalind tells the father of the baby she is pregnant.


Episode 20: You Don’t Know Jack: Portland residents think that a Jack the Ripper copycat is responsible for a string of murders. Rosalee finds herself having to work with Adalind.


Episode 21: Headache: Nick, Hank and Wu are on the hunt for the Jack the Ripper killer. Juliette sets a trap for Kelly Burkhardt.


Episode 22: Cry Havoc: Nick is stunned when he discovers something then he wants revenge. Captain Renard looks for someone to blame the Ripper murders on.


Special Features: Digital Copy, Grimm Guide, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, A Morphed Reality: Behind the Scenes of Grimm, Set Tour with Jacqueline Toboni, Highlight Reels

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