Festival du Nouveau Cinema 2015 Preview

festival du nouveau cinema 2015 previewBring in the next one…lovers of cinema in Montreal could never complain that they don’t get enough films to explore.  Besides the usual releases the city pretty much runs back to back film festivals all year long. Next on the docket is the edgy and well-rounded 44th annual Festival du Nouveau Cinema.  If you were to name a film festival in Montreal in which the next crop of Oscar contending films could be found before they undergo a wide release it would be FNC.  Previous Oscar nominated or winning films that were screened here include Wild by Jean-Marc Vallée, Nightcrawler by Dan Gilroy, Dallas Buyers Club by Jean-Marc Vallée, Life of Pi by Ang Lee, and Monsieur Lazhar by Philippe Falardeau.  This is the place to come if you want to know which films have “buzz” around them as the programming directors for FNC troll film festival around the world so they have their fingers on the pulse of the film world.


Running from October 7 until 18, FNC will serve up for film fans a buffet consisting of over 360 films that run the gamut of tastes and flavours.  What you find here is a strong example of world cinema with films coming from all four corners of the globe like North America (Canada, United States, Panama, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago), South America (Chile, Columbia, Venezuela, Argentina), Europe (Great Britain, Poland, Italy, France, Germany, Romania, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, Bulgaria), Asia (Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North Korea, Israel, Thailand, South Korea, Iran), Africa (Algeria, Mali, Senegal), and Oceania (Australia).  Its reach is wide and its mind open in regards to film length, subject, style, and format.  It is a chance to discover works by directors from near and far.  The importance of the festival also draws in directors to it and affords filmgoers the opportunity to partake in Q&A sessions with them.  Directors like Guy Maddin, Wim Wenders, Atom Egoyan, and Gaspard Noé will all be in attendance.


Because the line-up is so dense for simplicity the films have been divided up into several categories. These include. International Competition, Special Presentation, Panorama, Focus, Temps 0, Les P’Tits Loups, Tributes and Retrospectives, FNC Lab, New Storytelling, and the brand new FNC Series, which is devoted to television series. Each section will have awards and prizes attributed to it.  Here are some of the highlights of each section:

Opening Film:  The Brand New Testament by Jaco Van Dormael

Closing Film:  The Forbidden Room by Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson

International Competition: Heart of a Dog by Laurie Anderson and 600 Miles by Gabriel Ripstein

Special Presentation:  Everything Will by Fine by Wim Wenders, Hellions by Bruce McDonald, Here in Lisbon by Gabriel Abrantes, Denis Côté, Marie Losier, Dominga Sotomayor, Remember by Atom Egoyan, and Salomé and Wild Salomé by Al Pacino

Panorama: Fassbinder – To Love Without Demands by Christian Braad Thomsen, Sembene! By Samba Gadjigo and Jason Silverman, and This is Orson Welles by Clara Kuperberg and Julia Kuperberg

Focus: Our Loved Ones by Anne Emond, Fatima by Philippe Faucon, The Sandwich Nazi by Lewis Bennett, The Randy & Evi Quaid Compilation by Mathieu Grondin, and Born to be Blue by Robert Budreau

Temps 0: Love by Gaspar Noé, Inside the Cell by Nicolas Boukhrief, Wacken 3D: The Movie by Norbert Heitker, and Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang by Colin Offland

Tributes and Retrospectives: Robert Frank, Manoel de Oliviera, Rabah Ameau-Zaïmeche, Barry Navidi, Omar Sharif, The mysteries of Pyongyang: the other Korean cinema, Architecture of Croatian cinema, Winnipeg Film Group 40th Anniversary


Over the 12 day period of the festival besides film screenings you can also round out your FNC experience by taking in offered lectures, performances, round table discussions and special events.  A new addition this year to the festival is Cinema City which promotes shooting sites around Montreal. First Nations filmmakers will offer up a selection of short films as part of the Wapikoni Mobile team.  This will allow Montrealers to see what issues are affecting this important and often neglected community.


Additional Information:

-Dates:  October 7-18, 2015

-Venues:  Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin, Cinema du Parc, J.A. DeSeve Cinema, Concordia Alumni Auditorium, Cinémathèque Québécoise, Phi Centre, Theatre Maisonneuve, and Pavilion Judith-Jasmin Annexe

-Website:  www.nouveaucinema.ca

-Ticket Purchase: www.nouveaucinema.ca or www.ticketpro.ca or Theatre St. Denis or at theatre box offices (1 hour before first screening of the day)

-Ticket Prices:  Single Tickets – Adult: $13.00, Students/Seniors: $9.00, Children Under 12: $8.00

Booklet of 6 Tickets: $66.00

Passe FNC:  Adult: $175.00, Students/Seniors: $150.00

Passe FNC Pro: 3-Day – $295.00, 1-Day – $150.00

Passe FNC+: $395.00

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