Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour – Blu-ray Edition

Speaking with different people about their favourite concerts of 2014 Katy Perry’s Prismatic kept coming up. Colour me intrigued. Speaking of colour, that plays a big part in any Katy Perry live performance. Like her last world tour this one also features plenty of colourful videos, props, wigs, fireworks and costumes. The picture is so great and clear in the blu-ray edition that her grey-blue eyes really pop.


katy perry the prismatic world tourAnother plus of the blu-ray is that her voice is crystal clear. Some have criticized Perry before over her singing off key. That does not happen here. She doesn’t have a mind blowing voice, but a strong one. Even in her upper register she maintains control over the notes. Impressively she even manages to stay on key while lying on her back, while skipping and even while on a rotating platform that goes high into the air.


Going along with the Prismatic theme the stage is shaped like a triangle as is the video screen at the back. The screen is better than most as it almost has a 3D effect to it.


Katy Perry’s live show, like her music for the most part, is all about fun. She seems to be having so much fun in this crazy little world she has created that you cannot help but enjoy yourself as well. Time passes quickly with very little dragging.


01 Roar
02 Part of Me
03 Wide Awake
04 This Moment/Love Me
05 Dark Horse
06 E.T.
07 Legendary Lovers
08 I Kissed A Girl
09 Hot N Cold
10 International Smile
11 By the Grace of God
12 The One That Got Away/Thinking of You
13 Unconditionally
14 Walking On Air
15 It Takes Two
16 This Is How We Do/Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
17 Teenage Dream
18 California Gurls
19 Birthday
20 Firework


Special Feature:

-20-Page Booklet with Photos

-Highlights (01:45)
-Wardrobe with Johnny Wujek (02:51)
-Hair with Clyde Haygood and Larry McDavid (02:34)
-She’s a Beast (02:38)
-Crew Interviews (19:08)

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