Steve Martin and Edie Brickell – So Familiar

steve martin and edie brickell so familiarFor their second album together, Steve Martin and Edie Brickell they continue along the path forged before and it is full of top notch roots and folk music. It is great stuff. The Katy Perrys and One Directions of the world have nothing to worry about as So Familiar is aimed at an older crowd. Smart and classy with plenty attention paid to detail. Man of many talents Steve Martin, (one of them being a first grade bluegrass banjo player) seems content to play second fiddle or at least banjo to his partner, Edie Brickell. She is the scribe behind most of the lyrics and as such they lean towards elegant and well-designed. Some of it is dark and deals with subjects like using booze to ease emotional pain, death and love gone bad. Besides the fact that it is well-written it is also obviously been crafted with love. Lots of care went into making the album. The perfect background music for a sunny fall day spent tinkering around the house. Very different stuff from the usual light comedic fluff that Steve Martin has built his career upon and it is a welcome change. Also he once again shows how good he is at playing the banjo

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