Pixels in 3D – 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray Combo Edition

Adam Sandler has always been obsessed with the 80s.  The 80s has worked its way into several of Sandler’s films like The Wedding Singer, Grown Ups and That’s My Boy, so it is no surprise that Pixels has one foot firmly planted in his favourite decade.  This time the film is based on the most popular video games of the time like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Galaga.  If you are not familiar with the pop culture of the decade or the video games then this all might fall flat.


pixels in 3DIn the 80s a time capsule is sent into outer space from an arcade game competition.  Thirty years or so later aliens find it and misinterpret it to be a declaration of war by the inhabitants of Earth.  In response the aliens (we never see them) send down pixelated versions of 80s arcade games to attack and everything they touch turns into pixels.


American President Cooper (Kevin James – from television’s The King of Queens) decides to call on his friends who were arcade champs during the 80s.  Soon Brenner (Adam Sandler), Ludlow (Josh Gad – Frozen, Love & Other Drugs) and their nemesis Firestarter or Eddie (Peter Dinklage – from television’s Game of Thrones) are fighting fire with fire or video game character with a light laser developed by military specialist, Violet (Michelle Monaghan – Gone Baby Gone, Due Date).  Like in most video games, humans and aliens are given three lives each.  Whomever loses their lives first wins the war.


Silly and totally not realistic.  That being said there is a portion of the population that will enjoy Pixels.  If you are a fan of Adam Sandler or just in the mood for this type of mindless fluff then it won’t be a disappointment.  Sandler films usually divide movie goers into two distinct groups – those who love him and those who hate him.  No one is left indifferent.  Pixels is that type of film.  Some fans will love it while all critics will hate it.


Visually the film is a lot of fun.  The CGI work involving the arcade characters is great and colourful.  Pac-man gobbling or pixelating things is really cool.


As a warning it is okay for some young people to watch, but there is a little bit of off colour language involved.


Special Features:


-Donkey Kong



-Dojo Quest


-God of the Machine

-Game On – Music Video by Waka Flocka Flame ft. Good Charlotte

-The Space Invader

-Previews of Goosebumps, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Aloha, Ricki and the Flash

-Digital Copy

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