Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood – Blu-ray Edition

Comedian Jeff Dunham, accompanied by his puppets Achmed the Dead Terrorist, Little Jeff, Bubba J, Walter and Peanut, has worked all over the world playing many a gig for a wide variety of audiences. He is back with a new show and this time he is performing in the weirdest place in world – Hollywood.


Set at the Dolby Theater, Jeff and his puppets seem to have been affected by their surroundings.  Each has jeff dunham unhinged in hollywoodlet tinseltown and the celebrity culture touch them in a different way. The sold out crowd enjoys this totally dysfunctional act.


Despite the fact that it is a grown man playing with puppets this is no kiddie show. Most of the content of Jeff Dunham’s set features adult humour. Expect a lot of off-color stuff that verges on distasteful. He walks the line between funny and disgusting well. Unlike his last few shows this one is funny. A couple of times I laughed so hard I snorted.  Might have to rewind a couple of times to catch parts you miss because of laughter. He is just “on” with even his ad-libs working well.


Special Features:

Both original uncensored and family friendly versions

“Greetings, Hollywood!” Mashup by DJ Steve Porter

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