Inside Out – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Each year there is an animated film that stands above the others. For 2015 that animated film is Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out. The story is worthwhile and unique, the voice actors do a great job and the animation is top notch. Directors and co-screenwriters Pete Docter (Up, Monsters, Inc.) and Ronnie Del Carmen (first film) are clicking on all cylinders here.

11-year-old Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) has a great life in Minnesota with her loving Mom (Diane Lane – Unfaithful, Man of Steel) and Dad (Kyle MacLachlan – from television’s Twin Peaks), good friends and hockey team. Now her entire life is turned on its head when her family moves to San Francisco because her father has a new job there.

inside outThough she is normally a rather upbeat young girl, Riley is tested due to the move. On top of the major shakeup in her life there is some trouble going on in Headquarters, the area in her brain in which her emotions – Sadness (Phyllis Smith – from television’s The Office), Fear (Bill Hader – from television’s Saturday Night Live), Anger (Lewis Black – Man of the Year, Hannah and her Sisters), Disgust (Mindy Kaling – from television’s The Mindy’s Project), and the leader Joy (Amy Poehler – from television’s Parks and Recreation) – are in a state of chaos when Joy has to leave in order to save Riley’s seminal memories.

Joy is the one who keeps Riley upbeat and positive. When Joy, along with Sadness, leaves to take care of something important her influence is felt when Fear, Disgust and Anger are left in charge of Riley. A complete change in personality happens with Riley which is barely noticed by Mom and Dad, who are dealing with the move and new job themselves. It all ends up with Riley running away from home while at the same time Joy, Sadness and Bing Bong (Richard Kind – A Serious Man, A Bug’s Life) race against time to save the day.

Pixar has not done much lately. The films out of this studio have for the most part been sequels limiting the originality being produced. Inside Out comes as a breath of fresh air and a welcome change. The vital nugget at the heart of the film is the original idea of examining how our emotions control human behaviour. All done in a kid friendly and colourfully animated way.

Within all the hilarious and heartwarming moments you must stop to appreciate how imaginative this film is. Besides being entertaining for kids it also appeals to the older people watching it with its musings about what goes on inside humans’ heads. This film journey takes you through the quest to find the answer to that.

Special Features:
-Digital Copy
-Lava (1080p, 7:12): An animated, musical short love story.
-Riley’s First Date? (1080p, 4:40): Another short film.
-Paths to Pixar: The Women of Inside Out (1080p, 11:22): Many of the largely female cast and crew talk about their lives, working on Inside Out, who in the film they relate to, what they believe about human emotion, and their connection to the film.
-Mixed Emotions (1080p, 7:17): A short look at character design.
-Audio Commentary: With Director Pete Docter and Co-Director Ronnie Del Carmen.
-Story of the Story (1080p, 10:30): The voice cast and the crew discuss the origins of the story and its development, character and the Inside Out world designs and evolution, story arcs, and the overriding themes.
-Mapping the Mind (1080p, 8:24): Up close look at the design and putting into action of the main setting of the film which is the brain of an 11-year-old girl..
-Our Dads, the Filmmakers (1080p, 7:25): Elie Docter and Gracie Giacchino discuss their fathers’ work on the film.
-Into the Unknown: The Sound of Inside Out (1080p, 7:09): A short look of the sound effects of the film and how they came about, fine-tuning them, testing that they would bring the desired reaction, and the recording process.
-The Misunderstood Art of Animation Film Editing (1080p, 4:43): A look at the editing process of the film and how it is more than just patching together different scenes.
-Mind Candy (1080p, 14:26): A compilation of extra character moments.
-Deleted Scenes (1080p): A Pete Docter General Introduction (0:55) is followed by several deleted scenes, including Riley Grows Up (4:45), Joy’s Decline (3:42), Misdirection (4:12), and Construction (3:17). Docter also briefly introduces each scene. Note that scenes are presented in the form of early storyboard renditions and are not complete.
-Trailers (1080p): Remember (1:38), Experience (2:19), and Japan Trailer (2:30).


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