Chris Isaak – First comes the Night

chris isaak first comes the nightCrooner Chris Isaak has built his career producing music that is equal parts suave and camp. He continues along that way on First Comes the Night. Sexy, silly, odd and at times wicked. The rockabilly is so heavy on certain tracks like “Down in Flames” that it will have every listener swiveling their hips. It is one of those great kinds of songs that sounds upbeat but is actually rather dark. The Twin Peaks styled ones (there also are the darker, quirky tracks) really show off his voice. Few today can croon like this man can. Just with his voice he can make you feel his pain. Quite an instrument. He almost verges on Roy Orbison at times. Haunting and powerful. To lighten the mood there are those requisite cheeky songs laden with humour.  Loads of fun but in all honesty what works best is the stuff he does that has a serious tone to it.

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