Love, Child @ Rialto Infinite Theatre

love child2Anana Rydvald has created the masks and with her skillful acting brings the many characters to life in the play Love, Child. This extraordinarily talented performer takes you on her family’s journey through time and space and the emotional ups and downs of their interpersonal relationships. The simple set with basic and ingenious prop design compliments the emotions and messages that she shares seemingly without effort. Looking around the cozy theatre I observed a thoroughly captivated audience drawn in to Anana’s very personal story.


Well-chosen music and sound effect tracks coordinated with seamless costume and mask changes made for a steady flow between the accents and mannerisms of the diversified characters that she portrayed.


After the play, I also really appreciated the art exhibit of excellent paintings done by the actress’ mother, Marianna Rydvald, that connected well with the topic of the show.


For an entertaining experience that will leave you stimulated to think about relationships, dreams, parenthood, love, misery, letting go of anger, responsibility, forgiveness and the search for inner peace I would suggest you enjoy this unique one woman performance before December 6, 2015.

For tickets and information: or 514-987-1774


Rialto Infinite Studio

5711 ave. du Parc

Montreal, QC

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