Youth Climate Report 6

youth climate report 6Youth Climate Report (YCR) is a crowdsourced science journalism project — by youth for the world. It gives youth today a voice at the climate control table.  One of the branches of it involves young people creating videos on the subject of the climate.  One such video – Youth Climate Report 6 – was recently released.  The climate has shot to the top of most countries’ lists of things they have to work on tout de suite.  Most realize for us to have a shot of remaining existing on this planet we have to act now.  It is such a high priority that even the recent attacks in Paris have not forced the cancellation of 2015 Paris Climate Control conference, which began on November 30 and continues until December 11.


At the conference for the sixth year a Youth Climate Report will be presented.  Produced by Canadian Mark Terry and directed by Ray Kocur, the Youth Climate Report 6 is a highly informative and succinct. The overriding message is that we have to take on the pain of the world and make it our own pain.  Action is needed from everyone.


None of the news regarding the environment seems to be good.  Greenhouse gas levels are rising faster than ever.  This despite the fact that we have known for decades how bad this is.  As a result extreme weather events are also on the rise.  Water is being depleted.  In other areas there is a decrease in snow/ice leading to a rise in water levels.  New heat records keep happening.  Big changes are happening in our forests.  More frequent forest fires.  The trees are less able to fight off disease and insect infestation.  Because of this degrading of our environment we are heading into unknown territory.


In regards to Canada, our Native people have been warning us for a long time about the negative effects of how we have chosen to live upon the environment.  They are worried.  Gas companies have been allowed to continue to threaten this vulnerable population and the land they live on.  The Canadian government has made decisions that have put Native communities at risk.


Across the world and especially in developed countries we have to realize that the economy of the future has to shift to non-carbon resources.  Yes, some jobs will be lost, but effort has to be put into figuring out how this can happen and how economies can remain strong and prosperous.  We can all take British Columbia’s lead and institute a carbon tax.  Also putting a cap on polluting industries is strongly suggested.  A move to companies that are investing in social good is shown to be possible.


Our relationship with the environment has not been heading in the right direction pretty much since the Industrial Revolution, so after almost two hundred years of abuse we have to act and turn this ship around.  We have to start changing the way we do things.  Each and every one of us has to feel a responsibility towards healing our planet.  The resources we have been given are precious and we have pretty much gone through them or used them to dirty up the environment. A planet of increasing fragility is having an even greater impact on the poor.  A point rammed home is that we have to include youth in climate change as they are going to have to live with it. This 45-minute film is a call to action – rapid action.  Hopefully it does not fall on deaf ears.


If you want to watch the documentary it can be found here:


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