Boots – Aquaria

boots aquariaWorking with Beyoncé is never a bad career idea as whatever the lady is involved in turns to gold. That is how Miami native Jordy Asher, who goes by Boots, staked his claim on the music industry landscape. That equaled a profile that went up and now he has released his own album. Surprisingly he is not in the least interested in cashing in on that association or becoming the latest superstar EDM producer. Doing the unexpected soundwise he has not gone the dance or R&B route, rather this sounds very much moodier. An electro-rock sound is pervasive. Some might even call his beats here eerie, distorted and blurry. Yet at the same time they hit you hard. Almost a mélange of Radiohead with Tricky. The Radiohead/Thom Yorke similarity even crops up in regards to the lyrics where he sings about such things as corruption, power and distrust. The guy does not seem at all interested in the usual light subjects you find in most songs like relationships or making money. Artistically dark and more dense than you might expect from a Beyoncé producer.

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