sistersComedy has always been a male domain.  This was even true in regards to It is only recently that a few more women are breaking through enough to make their mark.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are two of the biggest and they star together in this film.  Here they do their best to shout from the rooftop that whatever men can do in and with comedy women can as well.  They can be as silly, crass, dumb, or partfall-ish (is that even a word?) as the guys.  Sisters, directed by Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect), is a total bro comedy.  One in which the two female characters could easily have been male as that very male brand of comedy styling


Two grown and unmarried sisters, Maura (played by Amy Poehler – from television’s Parks and Recreation) and Kate Ellis (played by Tina Fey – from television’s 30 Rock),  are thrust back into their lives of years ago when their parents announce that they are selling their house in Florida so they can move into a retirement community.  This is the house the two grew up in.  The two siblings decide they are going to throw a wild party, the kind they threw as teenagers, as a kind of going away present to themselves.


The best thing by far about Sisters is the two stars.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are great comedic actresses with second to none timing and have fantastic on screen chemistry.  It was refreshing to see women act in a type of film usually thought of to be male territory.  Gender roles sorta went out the window and that made certain jokes even funnier.  And many of the jokes are funny; it just has too much of a glimmer of been there, done that to it.  Plus these two are just so likeable that it makes whatever they are working in seem so much better.


It is a comedy and one that centers around this wild and crazy party and those moments are often funny, but it is the smaller moments of the film that will make more of an impression upon the viewer.  The quiet, yet astute moments between the sisters are what I found myself enjoying more than Amy Poehler falling through a ceiling or Tina Fey flashing her boobs.


The whole concept of the film of that big last party has been time and time again.  Add on the other very familiar layer for people of going back to high school years and recreating those behaviours and you have a film that you feel a little like you have seen before.  As a result it is hard to take the film very seriously because you sense the lack of originality and know that you will see another one of its ilk as some point in the future.

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