extinctionJust like us regular folk actors work. And by work I mean do things for money that they don’t necessarily believe in or have fun doing. Are you thrilled with your job or the work you turn out every day? I think not. Going along with that train of thought comes the post-apocalyptic, yes it is another zombie movie, film by director and co-screenwriter Miguel Angel Vivas (Kidnapped). No one involved in this film is going to look back upon it fondly. At least for what is the final product. They might have made friends on set, learned some new stuff and made a bit of money, but this is one of those occasions where those involved did not create a glowing addition to their résumé. Though props have to be directed Miguel Angel Vivas’ way in deference to the fact that he has tried to construct a different type of zombie film.

Some kind of infection or virus has turned a good chunk of the human population into blood thirsty zombies. The infection is transmitted in the usual way via a bite from one of these undead creatures. Two friends, Patrick (Matthew Fox – from television’s Lost) and Jack (Jeffrey Donovan – from television’s Burn Notice) along with Patrick’s wife Emma (Valeria Vereau – Volver) and infant daughter Lu, are traveling in a school bus trying to get to a safe area. Along the way they are attacked by a group of the zombies. In the ensuing chaos while protecting Lu, Emma is bitten.

It is now nine years later and Jack and Lu (Quinn McColgan – Non-Stop, Love the Coopers) are living together in the deserted town of Harmony. Lu believes Jack to be her father and the live their lives like father and daughter. It is always snowy and cold every day and Jack has told Lu that the cold has killed all the zombies. Lu yearns for other human company.

Patrick, who spends his days with his dog out hunting, collecting supplies, drinking too much, and broadcasting a show in the hopes of another survivor hearing it, lives next door, but has no contact with the other two seemingly only other human survivors. Obviously something happened between Patrick and Jack and the two former friends now hate each other.

Suddenly a new, more evolved form of zombie makes a reappearance and threatens the lives of the three survivors. Can Jack and Patrick work together to save themselves and the young girl they both love?

Most zombie flicks are done on a grand scale meaning that the creatures have taken over the world. This film is a little different in that it is done on a much smaller scale. So much so that at times it feels like a play with only three actors involved and most of the action happening inside two houses. This gives the whole thing a much more personal feel to it.

Extinction (which is a rather odd title for this film) is certainly not your typical zombie flick. It is not all run, shoot, kill. It has a smaller more intimate feel to it with the center of the film being about survival and how these three go about that. The zombies are almost an afterthought here. They just pop up every so often to kind of drive the story forward and increase the tension.

Filmed in Budapest, the snowy and grey film is slightly better than your typical low budget zombie flick. So if you go into this with low expectations then you might find yourself satisfied at the end of it all.

Special Features:
-Making Of
-The Apocalypse
-The Creatures
-Digital Effects Part 1
-Digital Effects Part 2
-Matthew Fox and Jeffrey Donovan
-Clara Lago and Quinn McColgan
-VFX Breakdowns
-Previews of Air, Insidious: Chapter 3, Broken Horses, Lake Placid vs Anaconda, Into the Grizzly Maze, Chappie

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