Roger Waters: The Wall – Blu-ray Edition

Many see Roger Waters as a crotchety musician who is not too fond of music fans and the primary reason why legendary progressive rock band, Pink Floyd broke up. In other words, he is seen as a moody man. They say that you don’t really know what you have until it is gone. Well, it now seems that at 72-years-old, Waters finally realizes how blessed he has been.

Roger Waters: The Wall was originally a “One Night Only” cinematic event that happened around the world. The Wall is considered one of the premiere concept albums in rock music. In September of 2015 a global cinema release allowed hundreds of thousands of fans to see this visual and sonic feast on the big screen.

roger waters the wallThe Wall Live was a sold-out worldwide tour that was comprised of 219 shows that ran from 2010-13. Over a million fans saw the show making it the highest grossing tour by any solo artist in music history.

This is not your typical concert film in any way. Yes, there is plenty of footage from a show on his huge 2010-13 world tour, but there is also a road movie aspect to it. Waters and different friends travel by car to France and Italy. His Grandfather, who died in a war there, is buried in France. In Italy he visits a memorial for his father, who died there in World War II. We get to see inside the man himself. Overall it is a poetic and visually stimulating statement against war and brings a concert film to a place beyond the stage.

The road movie aspect of it is quite intriguing as it gives you plenty of insight into the man himself. What has informed his art and behaviour throughout his life and music career. You see a man dealing with his past, family history and where the foundation of his anti-war stance comes from. You really see, through this part and the visuals that are part of the live show, the human cost of war. Waters is using his music and the show to “remember all of our fallen loved ones”.

As the co-founder and creative force behind Pink Floyd, Roger Waters can be considered one of the living pioneers of modern rock music. His genius is on full display during this show and subsequent film. A show this visually stimulating has not often been seen in the music world. The visuals are not only crisp and clear, they are there to help tell the tale that Waters’ is conveying through his music. State of the art visuals that dazzle through every song.

Special Features:
-Digital Copy
-A Visit to Frank Thompson
-Time Lapses – Athens + Buenos Aires
-Facebook Films
-Comfortably Numb Live at the O2 With Special Appearance by David Gilmour
-Outside the Wall Live at the O2 With Special Appearances by David Gilmour and Nick Mason

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