Our Gay Wedding: The Musical @ FIFA

our gay wedding the musicalBetter late than never.  Same sex marriage was made legal in England and Wales on March 29, 2014.  In order to acknowledge and celebrate this momentous legal change Channel 4 television station offered people the chance to watch one of the first same sex weddings that happened.  It was a wedding to unite Benjamin Till and Nathan Taylor.  The fact that it was not your typical wedding ceremony did not stop at the fact that it was two men getting married.  Benjamin and Nathan wrote their entire wedding ceremony like it was a musical.  Meaning everything was sung.


Both Benjamin and Nathan work in the show business industry (one is a composer while the other is a theatre director).  So it almost seemed like a given that when they were able to legally get married that they would write, score and stage their wedding ceremony.  Directors Claire Lewis and Ellen Hobson capture this special moment for us to share in.  Narration is done by out actor Stephen Fry and several musical friends like Erasure’s Andrew Bell, Kylie Minogue and Will Young add small congratulation messages.  The ceremony takes place in London at the beautiful Alexandra Palace Theatre.


Yes, the primary element of the film is the celebration of love and a lifelong bond, but there are moments of championing gay rights.  And that is okay.  We learn of the struggle that gay people have fought to be able to legally marry.  I, myself, was shocked to learn that homosexuality is still against the law in 41 out of 53 Commonwealth states.  It is never allowed to get too dry or preachy.  Most importantly you see two people genuinely in love.  That is never far from your mind while watching Our Gay Wedding as the love between these two men is never in doubt.


Instead of being hokey this is just pure fun and a celebration of gay marriage.  It is a small part of the joy that citizens of England and Wales felt when same sex marriage became legal.  Jubilation and poignant moments abound.  Some of the best musical moments occur when less than talented singers contribute to the ceremony with their voices.  Especially touching is when the two grooms’ mothers sing a song about coming to term with their son’s sexuality.


If you make it through this touching documentary without crying it is proof positive that you have no heart.  Bring tissues to this one.  It is good tears, though.

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