Perry Mason Movie Collection: Volume 5

perry mason movie collection volume 5The end of the road. This collection signalled the end of Raymond Burr’s run as the famous defense lawyer Perry Mason.  The last two television movies are in this six film collection.  Hal Holbrook appears in three and Paul Sorvino appearing in one. The usuals are there in form of Della Street (played by Barbara Hale) and Ken Malansky (played by William R. Moses). With their task being the same, defending the innocent and finding the culpable, no matter who the head lawyer is, fans of previous Perry Mason films will find themselves enjoying this last kick at the can as well.


Justice is always the name of the game when it comes to Perry Mason mysteries. It is not enough for this revered lawyer to defend his clients; he also goes about finding out who the murderer (there always is a death) is. Such is the case in the six cases here – The Case of the Telltale Talk Show Host, The Case of the Killer Kiss, The Case of the Wicked Wives, The Case of the Lethal Lifestyle, The Case of the Grimacing Governor and The Case of the Jealous Jokester.


Despite being rather ill Raymond Burr signed on for one final season (1993) of Perry Mason mysteries. Even though he was at less than full strength you can still see how in command he is in the role of the brilliant lawyer. Sadly Burr died in 1993.


Guest stars in the six films include soap star Genie Francis, morning show host Regis Philbin, television show host Montel Williams, actress Mariette Hartley, soap star Eric Braeden, supermodel Kim Alexis, supermodel Kathy Ireland, supermodel Beverly Johnson, actress Dixie Carter, actress Diahann Carroll, soap opera star Tristan Rogers, actress Tina Yothers, actress Holland Taylor and actress Victoria Jackson.

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