Bandits – Blu-ray Edition

bandits blu rayBruce Willis plays Joe Blake, a cool, smooth-talking type, and Billy Bob Thornton plays the part of Terry Collins, a neurotic character displaying symptoms of every disease and ailment known to man (even some that haven’t yet been documented). The pair have just escaped from prison and in need of fast cash they plan to pull a few bank heists and then to flee to Mexico.

Things go quite well for the two “Sleepover Bandits,” until they run into red haired, bored housewife Kate Wheeler (Cate Blanchett). After they meet, things get much better and everyone is having a grand old time robbing banks and spending money. They all fall in love and continue with the hold-ups and have a wild time.

This film won’t win any awards or honorable mentions as we have seen it all before, but somehow the action, acting and the story which glorifies armed robbery all work out and combine to offer up a very funny and entertaining movie.


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