Band That Sprung Out of The British New Romantic Movement Still Around – Duran Duran

duran duran live 20162Duran Duran is one of the few 80s bands that have survived past that decade.  They continue to record and tour in 2011.  Over their 38 years together as a band they have sold over 100 million albums worldwide.  Not bad for five lads from Birmingham, England.

Considered part of the New Romantic scene (along with bands like Spandau Ballet) Duran Duran burst onto music’s map in the early 80s with their distinct fashion sense and visually stimulating videos.  The early part of this band’s success had much to do with them being seen on MTV.  Part of the Second British Invasion, the band went on to place 21 singles on the Billboard Hot 100.  Besides making great videos they also were one of the first bands to use video technology in their live shows.

They were last in Montreal just a few years ago and the show delighted both critics and fans alike.  This latest tour will include all their biggest hits along with some of their newer songs.

Additional Information:

-Date:  April 11, 2016

-Venue:  Bell Centre


-Ticket Purchase:

-Ticket Prices:  $45.70, $78.20, $108.20, $130.20, $164.20 (plus handling charges)

-Show Time:  7:00 p.m.

-Opening Act:  Chic featuring Nile Rogers and Shamir

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