Interview with Freddy Rose From Phred Guitars


freddy roseHistory
PHRED instruments began in January 2011 when Freddy Rose, a Los Angeles based musician and founding member of PCAudioLabs, set out to find an affordable guitar with a specific set of features and distinct tone, but he couldn’t find one that met all of his criteria. After many months of searching, he happened to meet an international luthier and they worked out the details of the design for the TA-01 protype. While Freddy had no intentions of selling guitars, growing interest in the TA-01 from other musicians prompted him to have a few more TA-01 guitars produced. This laid the groundwork for the beginning of PHED Instruments.

Mission and Goal
PHRED instruments listens to the needs of fellow guitar players in order to provide affordable instruments with features often only found in boutique and highly expensive instruments. Despite the affordability, each guitar is highly valued and professionally setup in Los Angeles prior to shipping in order to ensure smooth playability and outstanding tone. To that extent, PHRED instruments attempts to exceed the expectations of each customer with the understanding that buying an instrument is a very personal and intimate experience for each individual. (History and Mission from company’s website)


Recently Orcasound sat down with Freddy and spoke about his passion and company.




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