The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

Have you ever what would have happened in the lives of well-known people after the fact. Meaning after their deed or careers put them in spotlight. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on their walls? In this instance the famous or infamous person is Lizzie Borden, the young woman who in 1892 was found not guilty of the brutal murders of her father and stepmother. This mini-series fictionalizes her life after the not guilty verdict. And let me tell you it is no less filled with murder and gore.


In the small town of Fall River Lizzie (played by Christina Ricci) Borden and her sister Emma (played by Clea DuVall) are still in the spotlight despite Lizzie being a free woman. No one in town seems to believe in her innocence other than Emma. Also the hype around her is amped up when a Pinkerton man named Charlie Siringo (played by Cole Hauser) arrives in town and seems to be investigating her every move.  When everyone around her seems to be dying in brutal ways all seem to suspect Lizzie.


Christina Ricci is an actress who has built a career upon being good at playing bad or scary. Few can match her ability to be a believable creepy person. Excellent crazy grin and those distinctive eyes. This is a case of perfect casting. She also is a producer on the series so obviously has plenty invested in the telling of the Lizzie Borden tale.


the lizzie borden chroniclesA couple of things did fall flat including the shaky camera work and the out of place metal music used.  Both detract rather than add to the story and atmosphere. Another is that the plot was not involved enough. It was a series of people pissing Lizzie off for things like suspecting her of murders or mistreating their dogs and then her killing them in gory fashion. Not much else. Gets a little repetitive after a while.


Shows a different side to the character in that Lizzie seems to be smarter and thus one step ahead of everyone at all times. Not only does she have the stomach for the gruesome but the smarts to commit murders time and time again and not getting caught.


Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Gag Reel

-Previews of The Invasion, Ratter, Pride & Prejudice and Zombies

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